Dao Yin Yoga Online
Dao Yin Yoga is one of the most nourishing styles of yoga and you can now practice in the comfort of your own home. This style of yoga is all levels. 
Gain access to 3 hours of Dao Yin Yoga videos for a one time payment of $18.88
We all have stress... but how you manage your stress is what really makes a difference. 
Stretching, Breathing, and Meditation are the foundation of Dao Yin Yoga.
-Holding postures while surrendering to gravity
-Conscious connected breathing
-Developing feeling awareness and subtle sensitivity (which eventually leads to energy sensitivity and intuitive perception)
-Activating Bandhas or diaphragmatic muscular locks which stimulate the upward movement of energy in the spine and energy body.
-Breaking mental and emotional habit patterns and reseting your nervous system and state of consciousness.
-Entering the no mind state (when thoughts stop awareness abides in its own nature and self realization is inevitable)
For me Yoga is a form of self care and a path of self actualization. After many years of dedicated practice, learning, and exploring various yoga disciplines I developed Dao Yin Yoga. Dao Yin Yoga is designed to serve the needs of humanity by being a healthy outlet for stress and a potent rejuvenator of life. 
Aaron Erickson
Founder of InternalArtsTeacher.com
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